Why study Maths?

A-Level Maths offers students with a good understanding of Maths the chance to study it at a higher level. This stimulating and challenging course offers:

  • The chance to increase knowledge and awareness of mathematical techniques and their applications.
  • A versatile qualification that is well-respected by employers and providers of higher education.
  • Support in the study of other A-Level subjects.
  • Excellent preparation for a wide range of university courses.
  • The opportunity to develop key employability skills.

Topics of study at A-Level

Pure Maths (66%): proof, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and vectors.
Statistics (17%): Reaching conclusions from data and calculating the likelihood of an event occurring. 
Mechanics (17%): The modelling of the world around us, the motion of objects and the forces acting on them.

There's nothing to match the feeling of solving a really difficult problem - I love Maths!
Flo, Sixth Form Maths Student

Opportunities beyond the classroom

We enter pupils for the Senior Mathematical Challenge and take a team to the Senior Team Challenge competition.

What this subject might lead to

Many A-Level mathematicians pursue their love of the subject at degree-level. However, many also value the subject because of the essential foundation it gives them as they go on to read science, business, social sciences and humanities degrees. Research has linked the study of A-Level Maths to higher salaries later in life. 

Suggested entrance requirement (if applicable)

For entry to Mathematics A-Level, we hope you will have at least Grade 7 at iGCSE. Please note that you do not need to have been in the top set, or to have completed Level 2 Further Maths in Year 11, to do Mathematics at A-Level.