Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

The School has its own Combined Cadet Force, one of the oldest in the UK (in existence as early as 1894 and known as Queen Victoria's Volunteers), with Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force sections. It is a popular and vibrant element of the extra-curricular provision at Hereford Cathedral School.

The emphasis is on helping our pupils to acquire skills such as confidence, self reliance and team work. The CCF encourages boys and girls to use their initiative and to develop management and leadership skills. Weekly CCF afternoons and annual Field Days are part of the curriculum with students often taking charge with teachers and staff in attendance for overall supervision and guidance only. These activities are supplemented by regular camps and training activities during the holidays in all parts of the UK and elsewhere in Europe. These activities extend and challenge the individual and help to increase their own self-esteem.

CCF trip
CCF Biennial Inspection

The CCF also offers opportunities for pupils to attain qualifications for example in flying, gliding, canoeing, climbing, parachuting, formal leadership training, and participate in orienteering competitions at all levels - uniquely - Hereford Cathedral School has taken both the Boys' and Girls' UK Cadets Orienteering titles. Many pupils take advantage of camps and facilities provided by the various branches of the Armed Forces. Indeed a few will consider careers in these after university. However, the main purpose of the CCF is fostering a good education, slowly nurturing leadership skills and grooming pupils towards good citizenship.

CCF camps are arranged during most holiday periods and expeditions have taken place in a variety of locations abroad. For example Mountain Biking in the Seven Staines in Scotland, Adventure Training at Capel Curig in North Wales, a Walking Expedition, White Water Rafting, Gorge Walking in the Spanish Pyrenees and a Walking Expedition to Corsica.