We place great importance on providing an extensive and inclusive sports programme for our Sixth Form students, designed to foster team spirit, leadership, and personal growth through a variety of sports. Whether you’re aiming to compete at a national level or are just looking to stay active, there is something here for everyone.

Sporting Opportunities

Many students in Years 12 and 13 actively engage in our core sports such as rugby, hockey, football, netball, rowing, and cricket. We maintain a comprehensive fixtures list to ensure there are ample opportunities for every student to participate and contribute, regardless of their level of skill or experience. Alongside this, we offer a wide array of activities during our weekly Games afternoons, including Pilates, gym, ADP, and badminton, ensuring that every student can find something they enjoy.

Our Sixth Form athletes frequently represent the School in key fixtures and prestigious regional and national competitions, excelling across various disciplines including rugby, hockey, athletics, and rowing. These competitions provide our students with the chance to challenge themselves against other top athletes, gaining invaluable experience and exposure in the process.

Events such as the floodlit rugby Apple Cup and the hockey Cathedral Cities Cup have become annual highlights in the school calendar, bringing together our entire community. These events create a vibrant and supportive atmosphere allowing our athletes to excel with the enthusiastic support of their peers and teachers.

Specialist Support

Our most talented athletes receive dedicated support to nurture and enhance their sporting abilities. This includes specialised Athletic Development Program (ADP) sessions focused on strength and mobility, along with access to an on-site physiotherapist who provides expert care for any injuries or issues. This comprehensive approach ensures that our young people are not only prepared to compete at the highest levels but also have the support necessary to achieve their full potential.

Lead & Serve

Our Sixth Form students are encouraged to become ambassadors for their areas of interest, setting an example for younger students, and sports is no exception. Whether they excel in our rowing team, are adept at fencing or have been selected for England’s U18 rugby team, many of our sixth form students mentor our younger athletes, providing guidance and support as they navigate their early years of training and competition.

This mentorship not only helps younger students to improve their skills and confidence but also enables sixth formers to give back to the school community and refine their own leadership and coaching techniques.

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