Drama & Theatre

Why study Drama at A-Level?

A-Level Drama & Theatre is for pupils who are passionate about the theatre making process, and are keen to explore a variety of great plays. The course does not simply require good actors: pupils will engage with history and politics; literature and language; psychology and sociology; and they will consider how these inform the cultural context in which theatre is conceived.

Topics of study at A-Level

Pupils will complete a piece of devised theatre, inspired by a stimulus and created in the style of an influential practitioner, as well as written coursework. We explore three performance extracts from a variety of playtexts, as well as writing about live theatre and two contrasting set texts.

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Drama student
Drama students

Opportunities beyond the classroom

We regularly run trips to see plays from different genres, styles and periods. We also bring in external theatre companies to run workshops, extending and developing our pupils’ skills beyond the confines of the curriculum. Pupils also take responsibility for the Year 7-9 Drama Club, under the department’s supervision, and they are encouraged to participate in as many co-curricular productions as possible.

What this subject might lead to

Drama & Theatre is an academically rigorous and well-regarded course that facilitates entry into highly selective universities, including Oxbridge and other Russell Group institutions, as well as preparing pupils to audition for prestigious conservatoires. 

As well as facilitating careers in the creative and cultural industries, such as performing, directing, playwriting, cultural criticism, producing, and arts administration, this course complements careers in law; journalism and the media; business management and HR; education and academia; PR, communications, marketing and advertising. The subject develops highly sought-after transferable skills, from public speaking to creative and collaborative problem solving.

Suggested entrance requirement (if applicable)

Ideally a minimum grade 6 at GCSE Drama, though we will happily consider any pupil who is keen to take the subject, including those who did not take the subject at GCSE.