Term Dates Senior School

TERM DATES 2017-2018


Thursday 7 September - Thursday 14 December

HALF TERM: Thursday 19 October to Sunday 29 October (inclusive)

Autumn Term 2017 Important Dates:
Wednesday 6 September: Induction Day for Year 7 and Year 12 pupils
Thursday 7 September: Whole School returns
Thursday 14 December: Carol Service 7pm (all pupils attend)


Thursday 4 January – Friday 23 March

Half term: Friday 16 February to Sunday 25 February (inclusive)
Spring Term 2018 Important Dates:
Friday 23 March: Commemoration Service at 2.30pm (all pupils attend)


Monday 16 April – Saturday 14 July

Half term: Saturday 26 May to Sunday 3 June (inclusive)

Summer Term 2018 Important Dates:
Monday 7 May: Bank Holiday
Saturday 14 July: Speeches at 10am (all pupils attend)

All pupils must attend the Carol and Commemoration Services, and the Speeches Ceremony.

Please note these dates carefully. Except for reasons of health, permission to start the term late or to leave it early cannot be given, nor can leave of absence during the term time be granted unless the circumstances are exceptional.

A full term’s notice of intention to withdraw a pupil must be given in writing to the Headmaster. In default of such notice, a full term’s fees must be paid.

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