Why Us?

> Academic

Our academic results are extremely strong and the best in Herefordshire, but we are about far more than just good results. We are about aims and aspirations, personal development, life learning and growth.

At Hereford Cathedral School, we believe it is important to teach pupils to think, not just to learn, and that is why we offer a broad and balanced education, valuing individual attention and extensive opportunities, whilst also keeping our class sizes small.

We recognise that every child is different, as are their abilities, so we make it our mission to foster each child’s personal talents and strengths, working with them through our curriculum to help them fulfil their potential and set themselves the very highest of goals for the future.

From the core subjects of Maths, English and Science, to Modern Languages and Geography to Classics and Physical Education, we have the talent, facilities and expertise to feed each child’s curiosity and nurture their confidence and, at the same time, get the very best results for our pupils.

> Extra-Curricular Overview

At Hereford Cathedral School we understand that a well-rounded education is about more than what happens in the classroom and on the sports field, and that’s why we offer and encourage our pupils to participate in a wide variety of outstanding extra-curricular opportunities.

Life is about trying things and making the most of every opportunity, so from our CCF parades and debating society, to trips across the globe, and charitable treks in Nepal, your son or daughter will learn with us to seize the moment, have the confidence to challenge themselves and grow as an individual.

> Sport

We love sport at Hereford Cathedral School and are proud of what our pupils and expert coaches achieve on and off the pitch, the court, the field and the river.

However, sport to us is about more than just exercise and physical well-being. We believe it is a key learning environment which contributes enormously to a child’s overall development, both psychologically and socially. From teamwork, friendship and leadership to self-esteem and self-worth, sport plays a pivotal role. As such, sport plays a major role in school life here and we encourage everybody, whatever their ability, to take part and have a go.

We play rugby and netball in the Autumn; football, hockey, rowing and 7s rugby in the Spring; and cricket, indoor cricket, rounders and athletics in the Summer. We also offer swimming, cross-country, badminton, equestrian competitions and tennis. Pupils have the opportunity to represent the School in an extensive fixture list and also during tours against local, regional, national and international schools, and we have had great success at local, county and regional levels.

> The Arts

The Arts are highly valued at Hereford Cathedral School and we believe that they are essential to our pupils’ holistic education. This is why we place great emphasis upon them, and why you will find Art, Design, Drama and Music at the heart of our school. Whether studying the subjects or not, we encourage all our pupils to take part and have a go, affording them the opportunities to develop, enjoy new experiences and express themselves creatively.

Internationally Recognised

We are internationally recognised for our Music, with our choristers performing across the globe on behalf of Hereford Cathedral and our school choirs taking part in and winning several televised national and international competitions, most recently the School Choirs section of the Eisteddfod 2013. We have also performed as part of the Millennium Stadium Choir, singing the national anthems of Wales and Italy, before a Welsh international Six Nations Fixture. Our instrumentalists, ensembles, orchestras and choirs perform in several large concerts throughout the year.

Nationally Recognised

We are nationally recognised for the quality of our Art. In eight of the last ten years we have been proud to have one of the top A Level artists in the United Kingdom, that is, a pupil who has received 100% in every one of their A Level Art exams/projects. Furthermore, in 2012 100% of our A Level Art & Art Textiles pupils received an A* grade. We also display our work every year to the general public and organise exhibitions at several businesses across Herefordshire.

Regionally Recognised

Our Dramatists produce and perform a host of outstanding plays and shows throughout the year to audiences in the School’s Powell Theatre. Pupils' talent is celebrated every year during our annual Art and Design Show, which embraces Design, Technology, Art and Textiles. Our Design and Technology Department also organised a Design Conference in 2013 which attracted in excess of 200 pupils from across Herefordshire and the surrounding counties.