General Studies

General Studies

Our General Studies programme runs alongside the School’s Combined Cadet Force on Friday afternoons.

The purpose of General Studies is to broaden and enrich the curriculum. Subjects are offered which are outside the academic profile of many students. The courses may enhance our students’ applications for university or they may simply be taken for enjoyment.

Those members of the Sixth Form who are not in the CCF can choose from a range of General Studies options. Most courses last for a period of 5 weeks, although some last for 10 weeks.

At the start of Year 12, students on the General Studies programme follow a short course in General Study skills that are likely to prove useful to them in their A Level studies: file organisation, presentation skills, ICT, etc.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) can be taken as part of the General Studies Programme. Our students have enjoyed a great deal of success in the first years of this initiative, which allows them the opportunity to partake in detailed research on an academic project entirely of their choice. This may lead to an extended piece of writing, but it may also lead to a short film, novel or musical composition.

Some of the popular General Studies courses on offer in the current academic year are:


Psychology Medical/Vet Science Photography
Classics Play Military History Self-defence
Car Maintenance Driving Test Theory French Cuisine