Junior School pupils get creative for World Book Day challenges

Elmer World Book Day

Hereford Cathedral Junior School pupils and parents got their creative juices flowing in response to the recent World Book Day challenges.

Art Competition

There were some wonderfully original entries into the World Book Day Art Competition and the judges were mightily impressed - well done everyone who took part. The overall winners were:
Year 1 - Eva Mae P for her Amelia Jane clay figure
Year 2 - Eliza M for her Hermione caricature
Year 3 - Seth A for his nature sculpture of Zombierella
Year 4 - Max B for his screaming mandrake figure
Year 5 - (Joint) Guy C for his Famous Five oil painting and Jamie P for his Hagrid fabric collage
Year 6 - Teddy MJ for his Fantastic Mr Fox pencil drawing

The winning entries can be viewed below.

A selection of entries to the World Book Day Art Competition can be viewed below.

'Unusual Reading' Competition

The children were challenged to read in an 'unusual' way, as it has been an unusual year, and the creative results were stunning. The winners are:

Reception - Emilia OC for her Space den reading zone
Year 1 - Lottie M for her telescope read
Year 2 - Willow J for literally being on a 'Shetland in a Shed'
Year 3 - Archie T for his caged reading with deadpan companion
Year 4 - Beatrix MJ for her symmetrical hay bales
Year 5 - Verity B for her 'Cousin It' read
Year 6 - Hannah W for her distance tree read

The winning entries can be viewed below.

Many thanks to everyone who entered the competition. A selection of entries can be viewed below.